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About Me

Filmmaker and writer
I was born the same year Barcelona held the Olympic Games. Maybe because of that I decided to run my own marathon: I would work very hard and I would sweat a lot, but in exchange for  becoming a filmmaker. To tell the truth, I have always been interested in art since childhood, especially music and literature, but there came a time when I realised with cinema I could be able to craft stories from every artistic aspect, which I then would blend together into something unique.
I had my first approach to cinema in 2013, when I studied at the University of California. However, it was in ESCAC (Spain) where  I developed myself as a storyteller. It was there where I found my filmmaking path. 

From then on I have shot a lot of stuff: music videos, fashion films, commercials and, over all, short films.  Some of them have competed in film festivals around the world, being the most successful ones 'I Don't Think It Is Going To Rain' (Silver Biznaga at the Málaga Film Festival),  'Preludi' (Best Int. Student Film at St. Joan d'Alacant Film Festival),'Un instante / An Instant' (Best Int. Student Film at Zaragoza Film Festival) or 'La Puerta / The Door' (TIFF Kids, CineKid).

I have also worked in another branches of the cinema industry. I have been juror several times. In 2018 I was part of both the UNIMED jury at the Venice Film Festival and the Mezcal Jury at the Guadalajara International Film Festvial (FICG). Prior to that, in 2016, I represented Spain at the Venice Days Jury, and I was the president of the Sitges International Film Festival Young Jury in 2014. In 2020 I published my first novel, Lazos de sangre, and in 2023 I published my first illustrated collection of poems: Retrato de un reflejo ausente. 

But there's more: I have written articles in film magazines such as Fotogramas, I have been a film professor at several film schools, I have worked as a jury assistant in the film festival circuit, I have been a film programmer (before at Venice Days now I am the queer shorts curator at Raindance) and I have been the Spanish ambassador of the EU LUX Prize in 2017 as well. 

I am currently finishing my two new short films, which will be released in 2023: 'A distant noise', a Chinese-Catalan hybrid documentary that explores the roots of our identity; and 'Kokuhaku', a Spanish-Japanese queer piece set in the universe of kabuki theater. At the same time, I am creating what will be my first feature, Three Songs, which has already gone through several international labs and markets, such as the Brussels Co-Production Forum, ABYCINE Lanza, the Mafiz at the Málaga Festival and has won the Filmin Award at the Semilleru Lab of the Gijón Festival of 2022.
All in all, it is quite simple: I love film, I have something to tell, and I am willing to tell it. 

Awards & Nominations


Silver Biznaga Málaga Film Festival


Prelude (2019)



August 2020: Jury Special Mention at the Cerdanya Film Festival (Spain)

May 2020: Silver Ficus to the Best Film School Short Film at the  St. Joan d'Alacant Film Festival (Spain).


TBC: FIC-CAT (Spain).

December 2020: Festival Som Cinema Lleida (Spain).

November 2020: CortogeniAl (Spain), Festival Int. de Cine de Cartagena (Spain), Int. ZINEMA Fest (Spain).

October 2020: Corto Joven Ciudad de Toledo (Spain), Carmel Int. Film Festival (Iran), La Fila de Cortometrajes (Spain), Psicurt (Spain), Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival (Hungary), Festival K-lidoscopi (Spain), Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia (Spain).

September 2020: Parma Int. Music Film Festival (Italy), Festival Int. de Cine y Cortometrajes del Norte de Santander (Colombia), Sehsüchte Int. Student Film Festival (Germany), Festival de Cine de Girona (Spain).

August 2020: Jecheon Int. Music & Film Festival (Korea), RiuRau Film Festival (Spain), Cheongju Int. Short Film Festival (Korea).

July 2020: Festival Internacional de Cine de SAX (Spain).

Noviembre 2019: Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva (Spain).

I Don't Think It Is Going To Rain (2019)



November 2020: Catalan Film Awards Best Short Film Candidate (Spain).

August 2020: Silver Biznaga at the Málaga Film Festival (Spain).

December 2019: Second Prize at the Golden Lenses Film Awards (China).


TBC: Barcelona Visual Sound (Spain), Golden Tree Int. Documentary Film Festival (Alemanya).

November 2020: L'Alternativa (Spain), Menorca DOC FEST (Spain), Festival Int. de Cine de Iquique (Chile), Semana de Cine de Lugo (Spain), Festival de Cortos de Errenteria (Spain).

October 2020: The Seoul Int. Food Film Festival (Korea), Festival Int. de Cine de la Patagonia Tierra, Mujer, Hombre (Argentina).

September 2020: FENACIES (Uruguay). Kursaal Film Festival (Spain).

August 2020: Cerdanya Film Festival (Spain).

June 2020: Liberation DocFest Bangladesh. 

November 2019: ZINEBI (Spain) AS Film Festival (Italy).

October 2019: Les Enfants Terribles (Belgium).

Meiying MG-01 (2018)


October 2018: Special Distinction at FIC-VIÑA (Chile).


May 2019: Sant Cugat Fantàstic (Spain).

March 2019: Medina del Campo Film Festival (Spain), Sabadell Horror Film Festival (Spain).

December 2018: Paraná Film Festival (Argentina), Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia (Spain). 

November 2018: Asian Film Festival Barcelona (Spain), CortogeniAl (Spain), Cintefantasy (Brazil)..

September 2018: International Interuniversity Short Film Festival (Bangladesh).

July 2018: Asian Summer Film Festival (Spain).
May 2018: FANT Bilbao (Spain).

An Instant (2017)

October 2018: Best Actor (Marc Joy) at  Sant Andreu de la Barca Film Festival (Spain).

November 2017: Best International Student Film at the International Film Fetival of Zaragoza (Spain).



​February 2020: Des Images Aux Mots (France). 

​November 2018: La Otra Banqueta International Film Festival (Guatemala), International Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen (Mexico). 

October 2018: Barcelona International LGBT Film Festival (Spain), Madrid International Film Festival (Spain).
September 2018: Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival (USA).
August 2018: DIVERSO Cinema Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT (Colombia).
June 2018: Out Here Now Kansas City LGBT Film Festival (USA).
May 2018: Kashish Mumbai Queer Film Festival (India), Festival de Cine de Alicante (Spain), Festival Creando Interuniversitario (Spain).
April 2018: OutShine Miami (USA).
March 2018: Bangalore Queer Film Festival (India).
November 2017: ZINEBI (Spain), Andalesgai (Spain).

The Door (2017)


Throughout 2018: KIDS FIRST! Film Festival (USA).
May 2018: The Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival (Korea).
April 2018: Cinemira Budapest International Children's Film Festival (Hungary) and CMS International Children's Film Festival (India).
March 2018: TIFF Kids (Canada)
February 2018: International Children's Film Festival of Bangladesh (Bangladesh).
November 2017: CineKid (The Netherlands), International Children's Film Festival of India (India)
October 2017: Schlingel (Germany), Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (Spain).
June 2017: Sant Cugat Fantàstic (Spain).

Bittersweet Memories (2017)


December 2017: REC International Film Festival (Spain).
July 2017: Asian Summer Film Festival (Spain).

Shadows (2016)



March 2017: Meme Pas Peur International Film Festival (Reunion Islands).

February 2017: Globe International Silent Film Festival (Iran).

January 2017: International Film Festival Casa Chabab (Morocco).

December 2016: REC Internationa Film Festival (Spain).

June 2016: Sant Cugat Fantàstic Film Festival (Spain).
May 2016: FANT (Spain).

André (2016)


October 2016: Vasteras Film Festival (Sweeden).
September 2016: Contact International Film Festival (Turkey).

June 2016: Inexperto Film Festival (Spain).

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